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At Pro Climate Solutions, relentless attention to detail is the hallmark of our business and excellence is the product of our labor. We value your satisfaction over profit. Climate control is serious business and if not managed properly can lead to damaged property and even negative health impacts. Trust Pro Climate Solutions to take care of your climate control needs.

How We Work

Our Work

Crafting Your Comfort: Our Process Unfolded

Initial Consultation and Assessment

We begin with a thorough assessment to help us tailor our services to match your requirements, ensuring precise and effective planning.

Customized Solution Planning

We design a customized plan that selects the most suitable systems and methods, ensuring they are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Professional Installation and Follow-Up

Post-installation, we conduct a detailed check and offer a follow-up service to ensure everything operates smoothly and to your satisfaction.

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Our Testimonials

What Our Client Says About Us

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Marcie Anderson
Marcie Anderson
Adam came to give us a second estimate after our compressor failed a year and one half after installation. His technical knowledge helped me understand just what was causing the failure. A really nice intelligent guy.
Tammie Jones
Tammie Jones
Prior to calling Pro Climate Solutions for a service call on my HVAC system I had already tried calling two other companies. One never showed up and the other one called to try and reschedule. I decided to move on and glad I did. Pro Climate gave me an appointment for the next day. Time frame given was between 2:00 and 3:00. The next day at 2:20 Adam showed up at my door. He was very courteous and professional. He asked me a few questions and then wanted me to show him where the unit was located. He then told me he would knock on the door when finished. About 30 minutes later he returns with his findings written down to show me what was going on and what needed to be done. In my past experiences it wasn’t done this way. The tech came to my door and just said what I needed and not why. I just took them for their word. They gave me a price and I said yes or no. Adam from Pro Climate explained what I needed and why. He gave it to me in writing and even said it might not even be this much. I agreed to his terms and he said ok, see you tomorrow. I thought it would be at least a week. He returned the next day as promised and completed the job with more than promised. This gentleman went out of his way to do an excellent job. He was prompt, courteous, honest and very professional. I’ll never use another company again. Thanks to Adam for everything.
Patricia Walters
Patricia Walters
Thankfully I called ProClimate when In almost 20 years our home on Olde Park was in need of some major and expensive HVAC replacements. We have 3 separate systems. Adam was able to provide service and minimize cost! We are now good to go and ProClimate is scheduled to provide seasonal servicing. Also, we needed to to replace 2 large hot water heaters in the attic and needed other plumbing related service. Adam made our worst nightmare leak underneath a jacuzzi tub that was damaging the ceiling underneath repaired plus he replaced the sealed panel with an accessible panel in order to prevent future water leaking disasters. Pat Walters
Michelle Jervey
Michelle Jervey
Quick, Professional, informative and great prices. Would recommend to anyone need their HVAC worked on
Miss Marie
Miss Marie
I’m a property manager and when I really needed help at one of my properties, I’m so glad I found pro climate solutions. Several HVAC techs looked at my system and could not figure out/fix what the problem was. I finally tried pro climate and Adam showed up on time and with all the tools needed to do the job. Honestly, I’ve never seen such quick problem solving in my life!!! he saved me time and money and I will definitely be calling him again.
MomAndDad Kobylk
MomAndDad Kobylk
For about 15 years I unsuccessfully used 4 different HVAC companies until I found Pro Climate Solutions, LLC. Every one of the previous 4 companies required many call backs to complete the job. All costing $$$. Adam Nusbaum and Pro Climate Solutions analyzed the problem and provided me various repair options or replace options all with their costs and benefits. I learned that Adam taught for many years HVAC and Refrigerations systems at a local Technical College. What a difference it makes to hire a company headed by a professional that is competent and uses common sense to econonical guide you in a cost benefit repair/replace your AirConditioning needs. Adam’s service van is well organized. He never has to dig through a “Pile” to fine what he needs. That alone will tell you he will provide you with professional and up to date system analysis. He never leaves a mess at the end of the day. He does it right the first time.
Ted Mosby
Ted Mosby
Best HVAC tech in the low country. Extreme attention to detail and professional. I highly recommend.
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Explore our comprehensive HVAC FAQs to find answers to common questions about our services, expertise, and how we can improve your indoor comfort.

Absolutely! We offer expert guidance on system replacements and upgrades tailored to your needs and budget.

We can assess your current system and recommend energy-efficient upgrades or maintenance practices to reduce energy consumption.

Absolutely! We offer tailored maintenance plans for commercial HVAC systems to ensure their optimal performance year-round.

Yes, we prioritize eco-friendly options, including high-efficiency systems and environmentally responsible practices, to reduce your carbon footprint.

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